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Words and music by V. Negodaev

"Oh, Sochi!"


And I love to walk in Sochi

Swim in green it.

Here the climate is very suitable

For my body.

Russia come here,When winter comes to an end.

And women in the world is not beautiful

And I have them going crazy. 

Our Sochi - a city of fairy tale

Always flowering Carnival

And everyone here will be treated kindly,

Of course, if he took the money.

And if you are without money,

It is still almost a paradise.

Since you bum bum il,

Then free sunbathed.


Sochi is a city of dreams!

Brighter does not find beauty.

Many wondrous places I have seen.

Throughout you missed.


When tired of working,

From the turmoil you are tired.

Then throw a buddy thing

For us to come to the carnival.

On the Black Sea a "sea of beer"

Champagne flowing river.

It's all available, all beautifully.

You are here rasstaneshsya sadly.

And if the legs go bad,

For us to come Matsesta.

Disease are many,

You just accept bath.

Here mature younger

And no decrepit old men.

Care physicians will warm

And again, thou shalt be well.



There are a lot of sun,Many of the sea,

And my heart happy space.

And forget all about the grief,

Admiring the mountains.

And if, suddenly,

I'm leavingThen send you a prostration.

I'm always miss you.About Sochi,

I'm in love with you!

© VN Negodaev 2005 



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